Initial setup of Spinitron's automation integration

Spinitron integrates successfully with many different automation systems.

Setting up automation involves:

  1. Configure the automation system software at the station
    We provide, on request, a guide to how this is done for various systems.

  2. Enabling automation logging into Spinitron
    We enable automation for the station. It's not something station admins can do.

  3. Configure access control
    For better security, you can set Spinitron to allow automation logging only from certain IP addresses or address ranges by setting up access control.

  4. Configure Spinitron's handling of spins logged by automation
    Spinitron has two playlist modes, which can be controlled either by the automation system or on Spinitron:

    • Full automation in which Spinitron automatically creates playlists belonging to the automation user and logs automation spins into them
    • Live assist where Spinitron inserts automation spins into the "live on-air" playlist of the DJ currently live logging
  5. Establish operational procedures
    If your station uses both full automation and live assist modes, you need to establish operational procedures to control the playlist mode. Spinitron has mode control features to make this easier.

  6. Monitor the system
    You can see recent activity in the automation logs.