Automation control

The Automation control page (in the Administration menu) provides the following functions plus links to other automation management features.

Automation mode

With this form you can change the current automation mode to one of:

Delegate automation mode control

You can configure Spinitron so that the automation mode form can be used only by admin users or by all users. If your use of the automation system requires that DJs be able to switch modes then check the delegate checkbox.

When checked, users have a link to a reduced version of the Automation control page in their Playlists menu. The reduced version includes three sections:

The two sections that re not displayed are:

Minimum song duration

Automation systems usually send an update to Spinitron for every audio file they play. These therefore include non-music items such as IDs, promos, sweepers, PSAs, etc. Stations usually want these items to not appear in their playlists in Spinitron. A simple way to filter out such items is by using a simple minimum song duration criterion.

This simple heuristic often works very well. At many stations, nearly all music items in the automation audio library are longer than nearly all of the non-music items.

Set the value to a number of seconds. Items shorter in duration than this are not logged into playlists.

To disable this filter, set a very small value or even zero.

Schedule of automation mode changes

This part of the Automation control page shows any scheduled automation mode changes and is visible to all users if automation mode control delegation is enabled.

The schedule of mode changes is managed on another page, the link to which is lower on the page. Only admin users can change the schedule of mode changes.

The schedule of mode changes is a set of mode changed rules. Each mode change rule is of the form:

For example, a station that uses automation between 2 and 7 in the morning on Sundays and Mondays but leaves the automation system running all the time might set:

You can add as many mode change rules as you need and delete rules with the red symbol.