Supported automation systems

Spinitron works with nearly every automation system we have tried. But there are differences so instead of simply listing the names of the systems we provide some notes on each.

If a system isn't listed here, it just means we don't yet have a client using it with Spinitron. It doesn't mean it won't work with Spinitron. On the contrary—it probably will.

The initial setup of each automation system to integrate it with Spinitron is more or less complex but once this is done, they are mostly very reliable.

Record label/publisher field

Record label is a field that SoundExchange likes to see in Reports of Use. Some automation systems support a label/publisher field in their internal metadata databases. If so, values in this field (if any) can usually be sent to Spinitron. The bigger difficulty here is often populating this field in the automation system. Some systems copy the TPUB ID3v2 tag value from an audio file into their label/publisher field when importing the audio file. Others require manual database editing. There are probably other approaches. The notes mention what we know about each system.

As a work around, it is possible to take a dump of the metadata of all the music in your automation system, add the record label field (for which there are tools), and import the dump into Spinitron. Spinitron will then add the label field on-the-fly as it receives messages from the automation system. More on this in the full Automation User Guide available on request.

Automation systems

StationPlaylist Studio

Has Spinitron integration built-in and works nicely. Supports label/publisher very well.

Rivendell Open Source Radio Automation

Has Spinitron integration built-in and works nicely. Label/publisher support unknown.


Use the Now Playing Plugin. Label/publisher support unknown.

SAM Broadcaster – Spacial Audio Systems

Install and run a PAL script that we provide. Supports label/publisher field when populated. (Customizable behavior, if you know PAL scripting, is a bonus.)

Simian (BSI)

Configure Simian's Stream Encoding Metadata feature. Supports label/publisher field when populated.

Radiologik DJ

Configure a Custom Publish URL. Does not support label/publisher that we know.

DAD (ENCO Systems)

Configure the Playback State DCL feature or use Padapult. Setup is not trivial but entirely doable. Does not support label/publisher that we know.

NexGen (RCS)

Configure the XML Export option. Label/publisher support unknown.

Zetta (RCS)

Flexible integration options including HTTP and XML. Supports label/publisher field when populated.

iMediaTouch (OMT Technologies)

Configure the Internet XML Output feature. Does not support label/publisher that we know.

WideOrbit Automaton for Radio

Involves configuring a "Device Server TCP port", an "XML Event Driver" and "Event Rule Set Mapping". WideOrbit supports neither album name nor label/publisher. It has a "Trivia" field that may be of use.

AudioVAULT (Broadcast Electronics)

Requires an adjunct program called TRE (The Radio Experience) which is not configurable but has Spinitron support built-in. Label/publisher support unknown.

SKYLLA (Smarts Broadcast Systems)

Configure its RBDS Device settings. Supports label/publisher field when populated.

ZaraRadio Free

Zara doesn't handle metadata at all and we recommend not using it for that reason. If your audio files are well organized (e.g. with file names like "Artist/Album/01 Song.mp3") then you can run a Visual Basic script we provide in CScript that monitors Zara's log files and sends new lines to Spinitron. This might be better than nothing.

Megaseg (Fidelity Media)

Configure the Log option in preferences. Supports label/publisher field when populated.

iTunes (Apple)

Use a $5 add-on program call Now Playing Plugin. Does not support label/publisher.