Chat administration

Playlist chat allows anyone to add content to your playlists in Spinitron

Chat puts you in the role of online service provider to chat users. It exposes you, your station, and its staff, management and parent entities, to various risks. Chat users might:

Without chat, all your Spinitron content is the responsibility of your station member Spinitron users. With chat, Spinitron becomes a vehicle for the general public’s input. There are things you can do to mitigate the risks. You should establish a station policy for handling chat, train staff accordingly and enforce it.

Spinitron requires that you accept and adhere to the Spinitron Service Agreement, which includes a section on chat, if you enable it. Among other things it requires that you actively manage chat in a responsible manner, and that you impose a Terms of Service on all chat users. The chat feature forces chat users at login to either accept the TOS or not use the service.

The TOS comprises two parts. The first part is a text provided by Spinitron. The second part is a text you provide that is appended seamlessly to the first part. The first part protects Spinitron and it may or may not also provide some protection to your station (this is for you to decide). In the second part you add any additional TOS terms that you choose. The second part must not reduce Spinitron’s protections or place duties or responsibilities on Spinitron.