Metadata push

Spinitron's metadata push is a feature that automatically sends messages out when the now playing song updates — either when a new song is entered into a live on-air playlist or when an advance-logged song’s timestamp comes around. Admin users may configure message destinations, formats and protocols, the page is in the Administration menu.

Metadata push is flexible so you can use with a wide range of other systems and for a variety of purposes, for example to:

Spinitron’s metadata push feature is highly configurable supporting several protocols (HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, TCP and UDP), different HTTP methods (GET, POST, FILE), arbitrary message formats (e.g. XML, HTML, ASCII strings), and Twitter’s Oath-based API. There are 40 different song metadata elements available for use.

Full details on the service and how to configure metadata push channels are given in PDF file format:
→ Metadata push documentation

If you need help setting up metadata push feeds, contact Eva on 617 233 3115 or

Terminology notes:

Push technology — is when unsolicited data messages are sent to a remote system. The remote system makes no request and must wait in readiness for data messages. In push, the sender of the data messages chooses when they are sent. (Example: Spinitron Metadata Push)

Pull technology — is when a remote system, e.g. a web browser, requests data from a server. The server replies with a message containing the requested data. The remote system makes a request when it chooses and the server has to wait in readiness for requests. The server does not send data messages except in response to received requests. (Example: Spinitron API)

Metadata — means data describing other data. In Spinitron's case feature that's information about the now-playing song. Song metadata is data describing a song, e.g. its name and artist. Song data, on the other hand, would be the song’s audio file.