RSS feeds

Spinitron offers three kinds of RSS feed:

The RSS feeds are advertised in the Spinitron public web pages.

Aggregate RSS feed

The aggregate feed is advertised on the Spinitron front page. It contains the most recent 50 spins from the combined population of Spinitron member stations. It is similar to the list of most recent songs displayed on the Spinitron front page. The URL for the feed is:

Station RSS feeds

A station's feed is advertised with that station's current playlist. It contains the most recent 30 spins from the specified station. It is different from the current playlist in that it may include songs from more than one playlist including the current playlist. The URL for a station feed is:

in which wzxy is replaced with the ID of the station in question.

Playlist RSS feeds

Spinitron also offers RSS access to an individual playlist by specifying station ID and playlist ID:

in which wzxy is replaced with the ID of the station and nnn is replaced with the numerical playlist ID of the playlist. You can find a playlist ID by browsing to the playlist on Spinitron and looking at the web address of the page. Or you can just use the RSS link advertised with the playlist on the same page.

An RSS feed for an individual playlist isn't really in the spirit of RSS because, unless it happens to be the current playlist, it's not likely to change like news or blog feeds do. But it may be useful to someone using a script to grab the playlist data and process it because RSS XML should be easier to parse than HTML playlist pages.