The description below is for 2016 through 2020.


You must be one of


Once, for the period 2016 through 2020


CPB covers all royalty payments but NPR/DS collects data processing fees.

Annual fee:

Quarterly fees:


Playlist logs

Playlist logs must be in NPR/DS format and include, for each spin

Spinitron users follow this guide to generate Reports of Use.

Stream logs

Streaming logs must contain every stream connection with IP addresses and connect/disconnect times. Get logs from your webcast server. They must be formatted according to NPR/DS specifications. Incorrectly formatted stream logs incur $500 NPR/DS fee per quarter.

Spinitron has a stream log converter to generate NPR/DS format reports.

Filing reports

Most stations opting in to the CPB-SX agreement file sample reports for two weeks per quarter. (Stations with large audiences are informed by NPR/DS if they need to report more.) Reports are due shortly after the end of the calendar quarter, NPR/DS announces deadlines.

Use NPR/DS Composer (Basic or Pro) to:

Once the report is filed, notify NPR/DS by email (soundexchange@ds.npr.org) and request confirmation.