Noncommercial Statutory (CRB)

NOTE: SoundExchange established an online portal to ease the submission of payments, Statement of Accounts and Reports of Use. To register, send an email to their Licensee Relations. For more details, check out SoundExchange's site for Noncommercial Webcaster


Register with Copyright Office

Annual filing with SoundExchange

Use the Minimum Fee Statement of Account (SOA) form by Jan 31 (or within 30 days of starting webcasting)

Annual minimum fee

Excess fees

If audience size exceeds the threshold of 159,140 monthly ATH (218 average number of simultaneous listeners) then you pay excess fees of (for 2016) $0.0017 per performance or approximately $14.89 monthly for each increment in average audience size over 218.

Monthly Statement of Account

Every month, submit a Monthly Statement of Account within 45 days after the end of that month. Include excess fee if you owe any.

Reports of Use

If you are under the minimum fee threshold of 159,140 monthly ATH (218 listeners average)

Reports of Use include, for each track used

If you exceed the threshold, you have to report monthly on every track you play (census reports) and you must include ATP.

Spinitron users follow this guide to generate Reports of Use.

Microcaster option

No longer an option for the 2016-2020 webcast licensing period.