Why was the Facebook user logged off?

Short answer: Facebook account security.

When a user logs out of Spinitron, Spinitron logs that user out of Facebook too. This is a security precaution.

Most radio stations that use Spinitron have a computer in the broadcast studio for DJs to use while doing their show. Many DJs use the shared computer to log on to Spinitron during their show. If a DJ uses the Facebook Like button in Spinitron to share her or his playlist then that user must log on to Facebook to complete the action. When the DJ departs and logs off from Spinitron it's very important that she or he also logs off from Facebook.

The only option we could find that would not create extra work for users and had a good chance of working was to log the user off from Facebook automatically.

If this inconveniences Facebook users who also use Spinitron on a computer that isn’t shared then we apologize and ask for your understanding.