User permissions

Spinitron has a system of user permissions. Each user account is assigned one of five levels of permissions: New user, User, Editor, Administrator, and Disabled account that affects which features are available to the user, as summarized in the table below.

Feature New user Regular user Editor user Administrator Disabled
Content visible to public No Yes
Max playlists 3 No limit
Manage shows
& user profiles
User's own Any user's No

Create, edit &
delete playlists
User's own Any user's
Edit music database No Yes
Generate reports
Import Own playlists Any user's playlists
& bulk data
Export, email Any playlists

A newly created user account is automatically given "New user" permissions. This can be changed by an Administrator to one of the other permissions levels but never back to New user.

User accounts cannot be deleted because that would affect the archiving of playlists. But when an account is no longer needed it may be disabled. The user's content is still available but he or she can no longer log on.