Administration of user accounts

Administrators at your station are station members who perform routine local administration of your station's users and database. Tasks include configuring Spinitron, managing users & the program schedule, and appropriate use of the system.

User management consists of these tasks below, all are performed starting from the user's profile page. Choose Manage users from the Admin menu and click on the user in question.

User profiles

Administrators can manage any user's profile, permissions, username, password and regular shows by clicking on the Manage users link in the main menu. Users are listed there segregated under the five permissions levels. Click on a user's name to display the profile page from which all the user management features are available.

Keeping profiles up-to-date is important.

User permissions

Spinitron has a system of user permissions. Each user account is assigned one of five levels of permissions: New user, User, Editor, Administrator, and Disabled account that affects which features are available to the user, as summarized in the user permissions table.

A newly created user account is automatically given "New user" permissions. This can be changed by an Administrator to one of the other permissions levels but never back to New user. User accounts cannot be deleted because that would affect the archiving of playlists. But when an account is no longer needed it may be disabled. The user's content is still available but he or she can no longer log on.

Note — With the exception of upgrading a New-user to User, when admins change a user's permissions (including their own), if that user is currently using Spinitron, he or she will have to log off and back on again.

New user validation

Spinitron allows users to create their own accounts but has a two-step security system to keep impostors out. First, a user must have the station's access code to create an account. Second, once the account is created and the user is logged in, some functions are limited and nothing she or he does is visible to the public until the account is verified.

When a new user account is created an email is sent to all the station's administrators informing them of the new account creation and these administrators are expected to validate the new user accounts.

To verify a new account open the new user's user profile page, and:

  1. Review the user data to make sure the account was created by a known station member, not by an impostor
  2. To authorize the account, change the user permissions from 'New user' to 'User'(or higher) in the User permission drop-down menu. You cannot delete accounts, but when a DJ permanently leaves your station, change it to 'Disabled account'.

Reseting a username or password

Users can change their own username or password, but Admin users can also reset them both.

CAUTION Be sure that the user really is who she or he claims to be!

Choose Manage users from the Admin menu. Click on the user in question, this brings up the user's profile.

Managing the schedule

Administrators can edit the program schedule with the Program schedule link(s) in the main menu. They can add shows and assign them to any DJ, and modify and delete all the shows in the schedule - other users can add/edit only their own shows.