Cover art

Cover art control is in Section 2 of Station customization.

With Cover art set to Yes, Spinitron puts cover art in its public web pages. Cover art also appears in web pages of stations that have integrated Spinitron HTML content.

Page layout, HTML structure and other details important in customizing the appearance of cover art is described in the playlist layout page.

You can override the setting in the Station configuration page buy appending either of these:

to any public Spinitron URL. For example:

Value 0 turns art off and 1 turns it on. So you can choose one setting for the Spinitron public web site and a different one for your own web pages.

Dynamic cover art and audio samples

Cover art is normally dynamic. User clicks on the art toggles an enlarged image. The enlarged image normally (if the user's browser supports it) includes a button to play an audio sample. To remove the dynamic features, append to the URL: