Menu setup

Menu setup is in Section 5 of Station customization.

Various menus that appear in data entry web forms need to be customized for your station's needs. The lists that you enter in the text boxes in this section will populate these drop-down menus. (There is a maximum of 99 items per menu and of 31 characters per item.) When you are done, click Save Changes.

This is the most critical part of station customization. Try to get the menu setup right and then leave it alone, frequent changes might confuse users.

The current setting for each menu is shown in the text boxes. There is also a trial menu control that does nothing except let you see what your current setting looks like.

Try to keep each entry in the menu short and to put them into a sensible order. The order could be alphabetical but if your station plays 90% of its music from the Rock library the you might want to put that one at the top.

Structure or hierarchy in the menus is sometimes useful, especially in the libraries menu. This can be done with simple text formatting such as a dash and a space at the beginning of a sub-category item.