Vendor links

Vendor links are enabled in Section 2 of Station customization.

Spinitron can place links to iTunes and Amazon on your Spinitron public web pages. The links give listeners easy access to purchase music and each sale leads to a rebate on your station's Spinitron fees.

Selecting 'Yes' enables the vendor links by default.

To try vendor links out before you enable them publicly, you can modify the address in your browser as follows. If the address to your station's public pages – where 'wxyz' is your station ID – were, for example:

then to turn on vendor links you add &vendorlinks=station ID (call letters) in lower case.:

If vendor links are enabled in station configuration, you can hide them by adding &vendorlinks=0 to the address.


There are several advantages of the vendor links to the different stake holders.

Station benefits

Every sale made by following a vendor link leads to a referral fee from the vendor that Spinitron shares with the station.

The added revenue that Spinitron makes helps to keep us afloat and should allow us to improve the service at a faster pace, adding features that benefit our member stations and their listeners.

Listener benefits

You promote music simply by playing it on the radio and your audience listens because it is interested in the music you choose. Spinitron made it easier for listeners to find the details on what they heard and that made it easier to purchase. Now, with Spinitron vendor links, listeners can buy the music online immediately with just a few clicks.

Artist benefits

Many of the artists and bands you play on the radio could use some extra sales—relatively few musicians get rich from their creative efforts these days. Spinitron vendor links make the buying process for the listeners easier. Vendor links enhance the support you give to the artists and bands you consider worth sharing with your audience.

Spinitron benefits

Spinitron hopes to improve its financial footing with the vendor links. The additional revenue will allow investments in feature development and operations which in turn will lead to benefits for member stations and listeners.

How it looks

You can see how the links look by browsing a Spinitron member station with links enabled or by enabling them on your own site. There is a way to view the vendor links on your own site without enabling them for the general public.

With vendor links enabled, each song in a playlist includes a "Buy it!" link at the end. Clicking it reveals a panel at the left of the page with links to iTunes and Amazon including cover art, artist links, album links and song lists. When a user clicks an iTunes link, it opens in iTunes on his or her computer (if iTunes isn't installed, Apple redirects to an iTunes download page). Amazon links open directly in the user's browser.

The iTunes and Amazon links are generated from search results. Spinitron searches iTunes and Amazon databases using keywords relating to music in question. Like most internet searches, the exact item sought is not always the top result and occasionally something a bit wide off the mark can be returned but generally the process works very well. In any case the results are at least as good as those a user would get from performing the searches manually in iTunes or at Amazon.

How it works

Spinitron is established in the affiliate programs of both iTunes and Amazon. The links that we place on the public pages when you enable vendor links include tracking so that Spinitron receives a referral fee from the vendor from any resulting sale. The tracking also identifies the station originating the link which allows us to account for referral fee revenue by member station.

The station's share of the referral fee is one quarter of the total referral fees from the associated sales and is subtracted from the station's Spinitron service fees. If the station's share exceeds the service fee then Spinitron pays the station the difference.