Export / email playlist

Emailing a playlist is one specific way of getting data out of Spinitron and moving it somewhere else. Spinitron's form for emailing allows this and gives additional options: which data to extract, what format to put it in, and how, besides email, to deliver it.

Spinitron saves your option choices for next time you use the form. The form has three sections.

1. Fields to include

Many people don't use all of them so use the checkboxes and select only the ones you need.

2. Data options

Spinitron supports several different file formats for export and within each of these there are some options for formatting data within the file.

File formats

Formatting options

3. How to deliver the data?

Spinitron can deliver playlists (and other data) by email, download, or as text for you to cut-n-paste.


Please use the form to personalize the email:

In this browser window to cut-n-paste

Puts the formatted file into a text area in your web browser window allowing you to cut-n-paste it into another program. If you choose the HTML list or HTML table file formats then the HTML markup is shown, which you can paste into a web page or blog editor, for example.

Download or share as a file

Saves your formatted file on the Spinitron servers.