Enable & disable playlist entry form fields

In the Advanced configurations page, administrator users may enable or disable fields of the playlist entry form. Disabling fields can simplify the form for users if they are not relevant to your station.

Spinitron only requires use of Artist name, Disk name and Song name. But it can store various data about artists, disks, songs and record labels in your music database and tie these into your playlists. You're free to use these optional fields or not.

Most stations use the default configuration: all fields enabled, Composer and/or Label name optional and the simple time control and let DJs decide how much or little data to enter. But some stations prefer to establish policy on data entry and maintenance, in which case Spinitron allows some degrees of policy enforcement:

Before making a change, take the time to understand what the field is useful for, how it affects Spinitron features and what might be the consequences of disabling it.