Artist name

Artist name is always required.

Artist name is associated with songs so 'Various artists' should never be used (that would be a disk association). When a song on a multi-artist compilation is played, enter the song's artist and set the Disk type to 'Comp'.

For popular music it is usually a band or singer's name.

For jazz, Artist name is usually the name of the performer(s) or the name of the performing group.

With classical music it depends if the station uses the optional Composer field. If Composer is enabled, Artist name is the name of the performer, ensemble or orchestra; if it is disabled then stations usually put the composer's name in Artist name and the performers in Song note.

Spinitron sorts artists alphabetically starting with the leftmost character of the string (regardless if it is a persons first name and not last name) except when the first word in the name is The. For example: