Disk name

Disk name is always required.

For popular music album it is commonly the title of the album.

For a single it is usually the same as the name of the A-side song and Spinitron doesn't require DJs to enter the name twice – once will do in either Disk name or Song name and mark it as a Single.

If Disk name is left blank then Spinitron assumes the disk's name is the same as the song's and, unless told otherwise by the DJ, assumes it is a single, not an album.

Self-titled albums are common in popular music and some DJs enter "S/T" for Disk name. But this abbreviation is not understood by many listeners so you might consider instructing DJs to enter the artist name as disk name instead (copy-and-paste can save typing).

Since classical music disks often don't have a title, the question of what to enter can get tricky. Sometimes looking on the CD or LP's spine shows something you can use as disk name. If there's only one work on the disk then you can use its name.

EPs and CD singles are often titled like a single but it may be worth calling this out in the disk name, e.g.