Disk type

Disk type is an optional field that stores the disk's release type and controls the handling of multi-artist disks.

It appears as a drop-down menu in the playlist entry form. You can customize the menu in Section 5 of the Station customization page.

Disk type is useful to DJs and station staff for filing purposes. It's also valuable to listeners who are interested in acquiring the music.

Typical disk types are:

You can set up whatever options you like in the Disk type menu but 'Comp' and 'Split' have special meaning: these tell Spinitron that the disk is a multi-artist disk. Without this indication, Spinitron treats disks as single artist disks, e.g. if the disk "I Am The Upsetter" is not set to 'Comp' then Spinitron would store…

…as three songs on three different disks all named "I Am The Upsetter Disk 2".

CAUTION you may disable the Disk type field but then Spinitron will not track any multi-artist disks – each artist appearing on a multi-artist disk will be stored as a distinct single-artist disk.