Import playlists and music data

The import feature allows data to be imported from other programs into your station's Spinitron database. The data file must be in CSV or TSV (comma or tab separated values) format and max 1Mb size. If you have a large music library that you want to upload, break it into smaller chunks.

Microsoft Excel and FileMaker can produce CSV/TSV files, as can many other programs. iTunes can export playlists as TSV files - it requires special handling, so please follow our import a playlist from iTunes step-by-step guide carefully! There's additional help on CSV/TSV files and why you need to be very careful with import.

Any user can import one playlist at a time using Import a playlist in the Playlists menu.

Editor and administrator users can also use Import playlists and music data in the Music Database menu to import bulk playlist and other music data.