What kind of data can you import

Data import can be used in two principal ways:

  1. Users can import data into an individual playlist — "Import a playlist" under the Playlists menu. This method imports a single playlist using the standard create playlist form to set up a playlist before uploading the file. If the file has Playlist Date field, Spinitron ignores it and uses the date from the create playlist form.

  2. Administrator or editor users can import bulk music library and playlists data — "Import playlists and music data" under Music Database menu. This method imports bulk playlists data and Spinitron guesses the playlist/show metadata as follows:

  • If the CSV/TSV file has a Playlist Date column assignment then Spinitron creates one playlist and one irregular show for each distinct playlist date found in the file, putting songs into the corresponding playlists.
  • If you have no playlist dates in the CSV/TSV file, Spinitron imports all songs into one playlist and irregular show with today's date.
  • The automatically generated irregular shows are named "Playlist for <date>" (whatever the playlist date is) and given the show category "Imported". Show on-air and off-air times are derived from song time-stamps.
  • If this metadata guesswork isn't satisfactory then the only alternative at present is to split your playlist data into multiple CSV/TSV files, one per playlist, and import them one-at-a-time with the 1st method.

In both cases: