File format options

Import types

Spinitron can import three different types of data:

When importing disks or songs on disks, Spinitron does not duplicate artist, disk or label entries already in the database, instead it updates matching entries with new information in the import file. This is also true for songs when importing "A table of songs on disks" since the songs do not belong in any playlists. However, when importing playlist data or playlists themselves, Spinitron creates a new song entry for every song in the import file because it tracks every spin of a song in playlists separately.

Column separators

Different computer programs have different ideas about CSV/TSV file format. Spinitron's format options allow compatibility with these variations in the CSV and TSV file formats. This option allows Spinitron to read CSV or TSV files.

File encoding

Spinitron uses UTF-8 encoding internally but your file may be encoded differently. Spinitron can convert to UTF-8 from some other common encodings (ASCII, UTF-16, ISO Latin 1 aka ISO-8859-1 and WinLanin1 aka Windows-1252).

If you don't know your file's encoding, you can safely use trial and error: look for blank rows, characters that aren't displayed right, especially non-English and other non-ASCII characters, or general gobbledygook. If something looks wrong, try a different encoding and click the Refresh display button.