How to import music data

Click on the Import playlists (and other music data) and choose the file you want to import then click 'Continue' (depending on the file size it can take a few moments). The next page lets you view and adjust the data you're about to upload.

The import form has two sections:

  1. Data controls

    • Import type — disks, songs on disks or playlist data
    • Column separators — comma (CSV) or tab (TSV) separated values
    • File encoding — tweak these to get the data into its rows and columns and looking right
  2. A data display

    A table where you can check that your data looks correct, assign Spinitron columns types and select rows for import.

    • If things don't look right try a different option in the Data controls and click the Refresh display button (NOT your browser's refresh)
    • If everything looks correct in the display table, click the Import button

Example Configure import