Creating charts

The Disk spin stats and Song spin stats report types in the Search form can be used to produce charts of the Top-N disks or songs respectively.


  • Create a chart of the most popular disks that were added to the Jazz library in the last 3 months. For this you would select library=Jazz, check 'Date added', and set 'added in the 3 months ending' [today's-date], leaving all other fields blank. This kind of search can take several seconds to complete, depending on what's in your station's database.

  • Create a chart of the most frequently requested local rock songs in 2012. For this you would select library=Rock, check 'Request' and 'Local', and set 'Played in the 1 year ending' [Dec 31 2012], leaving all other fields blank.

The resulting charts are available for download if you want to use the data in a different application.

In the results table, each artist, disk and label is a hyperlink that takes you to a page showing the item's full database record. You will find that various inaccuracies can arise in the creation of charts, users with editor or administrator permissions can then edit them:

Note: Spin stats reports can take a little while to compute when your database gets really big.