Editing playlists

Playlists are edited directly within the playlist display table beneath the form in the playlist entry page. If you don't already have a playlist open, click Edit under the Playlist menu (or Reopen Current for your most recent playlist).

First you have the option to change the info about the playlist, such as show name and date/time, just like when creating a new playlist. Once the playlist is open you can add to, edit, delete, or rearrange the songs in the playlist in the same way as when you are entering a new playlist.

NOTE: users with Editor or Admin permissions can edit any DJ's playlists, not only their own, they can also change the owner of an existing playlist.

Editing playlist items

Playlists are edited directly within the playlist display table beneath the entry form.

Delete a row in a playlist

To delete a song or set break row in a playlist, click the X in the left hand column. Confirm with the dialog box to finish the deletion.

Rearrange rows in a playlist

Drag and drop rows in a playlist to rearrange them manually, for example to move songs in the correct chronological order.

Songs and set breaks are rearranged in the same way.

Sort a playlist

To sort the items in a playlist according to song time-stamps (values in the Played column), click the Played link in the heading of the second column of the playlist table.

If your station uses Start/Duration/End time entry (CPB stations during their SX webcast reporting periods), there is an Auto-time feature that affects editing of the Played or Duration columns. If auto-time is activated and you edit the Played time or Duration of one item, the Played times of all subsequent items in the playlist are adjusted automatically. (Set breaks have zero duration.)