Autocomplete works in three steps:

Step 1 – Initial typing autocomplete

Start typing at least three characters in a top-row field (Artist, Song, Disk or Composer, if enabled) with the entry form otherwise blank – Spinitron offers suggestions based on your typing.

If the name you need is in the suggestion list, it's better to select it to reduce the chance of duplicating entries in the music database. To accept a suggestion you must select it – either scroll and click with the mouse or use the Up/Down-arrow and Page-Up/Down keys then hit Enter/Return. Making the selection initiates Step 2.

You may ignore suggestions if there is nothing relevant – enter the correct name and move to the next field by clicking it with the mouse or using the Tab key.

Step 2 – Suggestions based on a selection from Step 1

Selecting a suggestion in Step 1 causes Spinitron to fetch the music data matching your selection and display it in suggestion lists.

For example, type "dusty" into Artist and pause – a list of artist names appears. Scroll down and select "Dusty Springfield" and a moment later a list of songs by Dusty Springfield opens under Song and a list of disks under Disk.

Now select a suggested song to reduce the list of disk suggestions to those featuring that song, or select a disk to reduce the song suggestions to those on that disk. Typing in a field with a long list of names quickly shortens it according to what you type.

Clicking clear cancels a selection, if you had made one, otherwise it clears the text in the field.

Step 3 – Auto-fill based on artist and disk selection

Selecting both an artist and disk suggestion causes Spinitron to fetch any data it may have about the disk and auto-fill various parts of the form.

Canceling either the artist or disk selection - with the clear link above the field - restores auto-filled fields to the value they had previously.

General features

A field containing a selection has a blue background as a reminder. Otherwise the background is white.

Cancel a selection by clicking clear above the field. Click clear a second time to clear any text in the field.

Click the page background to close any open suggestion lists.