Playlist chat

Chat might not be enabled at your station.

Playlist Chat allows the general public to join a conversation that takes place in a column positioned beside your playlist. It allows the DJ to host a public forum that is associated with the playlist.

Chat rooms are ephemeral. A chat room opens when a show goes on air and closes as the show ends. The messages are archived with the show’s playlist but chat activity ends with the show.

The DJ is moderator of the chat and is responsible for removing inappropriate messages. (A DJ can decline this responsibility by not opening a playlist chat.) DJs may opt to pre-screen every message before it is published or to allow messages to be published immediately and automatically.

Using the playlist chat panel

Chat panel annotated

The messages on hold section only appears if the DJ opted to pre-screen messages when she or he opened the playlist.

Any on-hold or published message may be deleted. Any deleted message may be un-deleted.

DJ responsibilities

Listeners log on to each chat room separately—there is no continuous thread of chat from one show to the next. Users enter a name and solve a captcha to log on—there are no user accounts and no passwords.

You choose to open a chat room or not when you create or reopen a playlist. Chat is limited to playlists opened in “Live On-air” mode. Public chat may not begin until you enter a song into the playlist or a message in the chat room.

You moderate chat in one of two ways: by either by deleting inappropriate messages or by pre-screening all messages and approving the OK ones. You choose between these modes when you open the chat room.

When you close your playlist the chat room closes with it. To close a chat room early, close the playlist and reopen it without opening a chat room. If you delete a playlist that had a chat room, the chat messages are deleted too.

You participate in and manage the chat room using the chat panel, which appears in the playlist entry form. There is a separate help page for the chat panel.