Playlist entry

Enter songs one at a time by filling in the form and pressing Submit. The playlist is displayed below the form with the most recent song on top. Check out the list of playlist entry fields and their descriptions. Edit the playlist directly by clicking on items. ( edit playlist → )

Entering a song that is already in the database works like this:

Example — Type "tom wai" in Artist and pause for the suggestions. Select "Tom Waits". After a moment, two lists appear: the songs and disks by "Tom Waits". Select a disk, say "Bone Machine", and the list of song shortens to only the songs on that disk. Select one or click clear above Disk to cancel the "Bone Machine" selection and get the disk suggestions back. Now select a song, e.g. "Blue Valentines", and the list of disks shortens to the disks it appears on.

Enter a set break using the button underneath the form. It is used for PSA, announcements, station IDs, etc. ( set breaks → )

Useful tips

IMPORTANT: If you are playing a compilation or split release it's very important to set the Type correctly to 'comp' or 'split' respectively so that Spinitron can file the disk correctly. (The menus for Format, Type, and Library are set up by your station management.)

If your station uses simple time-stamps and you chose automatic time-stamps, the control shows the current time (until you change it) otherwise you must set the time when the song was played. Every time you submit a song, it will be added to the playlist below the form, most recently entered on the top.

Once your playlist is complete, click Close Playlist in the upper right corner of the window.