Generating reports


Users with administrator or editor permission can generate webcast reports. Two report formats are currently supported: Webcast playlist logs for stations reporting through NPR Digital Services (NPR/DS), and Reports of Use for stations reporting directly to SoundExchange. Both are under the Music Database heading in the main menu.

Reports for BMI, ASCAP and SESAC

The Performance Rights Organizations (PROs) specify what data they want when they ask for a report. They accept data in CSV or Excel file format so you can produce the reports using the Email/export playlists feature.

Reports for CMJ, Labels & agencies

The results produced with the search page can be downloaded as CSV files to produce reports. For example, a search for disk/song spin statistics over a given set of days can be used to produce charts of the Top-N disks or songs respectively. You can open your file in Excel for editing if necessary and send it to labels, promoters and CMJ.