Schedule and shows

A radio show can be one-off or recurring. In Spinitron recurring shows are put in the program schedule. These are called a regular shows, meaning that it occurs regularly. Conversely, a one-off show is called an irregular show in Spinitron.

Playlists are documents of what happened on a given edition of a show. In Spinitron, playlists and shows are different things. A playlist always belongs to a show. A show can have many playlists.

Using the schedule

The schedule page shows all the shows that are currently in the program schedule. These are your station's regular shows.

All users can manage their own show(s):

Administrators can also:

If you want your schedule to look good online, it's good practice for administrators keep an eye on it and fix it up if they see errors.

About regular shows

Regular shows are shows in your station's current program schedule.

Keep regular show details up-to-date. Errors will show up on your playlists and in the online program schedule. Shows no longer in the regular program schedule should be deleted.

Editing regular shows

You can add and edit regular shows from the user profile page or from the program schedule.

Regular shows are the shows currently in the program schedule and they also appear in the short-cut menus in the form for creating new playlists.

The edit show form has the following fields: