How DJ and show images are displayed

The general idea

Spinitron users can upload images to be displayed on public pages. The image management pages are accessed via your user profile page. The program schedule also gives access to show image management. ( upload images → )

The images can be:

The small images are 60 x 60 pixels and large are 200 x 120. All are optional and any combination may be used.

Images appear on these public pages:

… roughly like this:


The full details

For reference, here is a complete and detailed description of the logic behind how Spinitron uses images on the public pages. The four kinds of pubic page that display images each have their own specific logic as set out below.

NOTE: If a show’s Hide DJ info is checked in the edit show form then DJ images are not displayed.

DJ page

Show pages

If a show has a large image, it is displayed on its show page in the top right of the information pane.


Images are used in a playlist page as they are in a show page except that only one small DJ image (of the DJ that entered the playlist) is displayed instead of the list of all the show’s DJs.


Small images are displayed in the hover information box for each show. If a show has a small image, that is used. Otherwise up to two small DJ images are displayed if they are available.