Uploading and managing images

Upload images

You can upload JPG, PNG or GIF images from your computer to Spinitron – up to 1 MB each. They can be any width or height, Spinitron will resize them to large: 200 x 120 pixels, small: 60 x 60 pixels.

Upload either large, small or both images at the same time.

Delete images

After an image is saved, it may be deleted but, unlike a preview, not resized

Click the delete checkbox of the image that you want to delete and save changes.

Change images

Delete the image you want to change and upload another one. Or just upload a new image and it will replace the old.

Options for a show’s images

When you save changes for a show’s image(s) you can apply the changes either to all the playlists of that show both past and future or just to future playlists, in which case the show's old playlists will keep the old image (if the show had one).