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Feb 19, 2018 10:00 PM – 12:00 AM


With Laura V.

A show dedicated to futuristic music. From chill trap to ambient, Melodia showcases a diverse amount of future beat music. Melodia, hosted by Laura Valencia, features local and low key producers and live Interviews. The show incorporates R&B vocals with beats created by amazing producers. Join Laura for a vibin’ time!

10:03 PMLuxage I dont wanna
10:09 PMLukrative timeless
10:09 PMOrdnry Yngstr 8teen
10:16 PMChris Dogzout Anahita
10:18 PMFORTUNE 773
10:22 PMJabair Sergio
10:24 PMFabrix justweh2coo
10:32 PMRaxify Edits s a f e
10:34 PMHoustonistheproblem Kira
10:49 PMBØJET I Need U
I Need U - Single United Common Records
10:50 PMmonk A5 nu
11:14 PMctrlaltdelete I dont trust nobody
11:14 PMoak das bae
11:15 PMRavyn Lenae Venezuela Trains
Ravyn Lenae - Moon Shoes EP Three Twenty Three Music Group
11:16 PMGhasper Sattelite
11:16 PMMaddy Kirgo Solitude
11:18 PMHazy Year make it go away
11:46 PMBeowulf Is It Too Late for Me
Is It Too Late for Me - Single 766729 Records DK
11:47 PMSarcastic Sounds Amour
Amour - Single
11:47 PMFrederick Nothing
11:47 PMoctn hey I know
11:48 PMviolentmusic Equal Parts
11:48 PMXXYYXX About You
xxyyxx - XXYYXX Relief In Abstract Records
11:56 PMlogan old as heck
11:56 PMScruffle Glenns2

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10:00 PMRolas (unset) with Luis G.
10:00 PMOther Side Time Machine (unset) with Sean Mitchell
6:00 PMSoul Session (unset) with Cameron DJ Cam Hubbard

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