Spinitron v2 is available for beta testing by selected stations.

Exciting, huh?


  • We imported a few stations from v1 into v2 for testing. You can see which in the sign-up wizard
  • From those stations we imported most users, the program schedule, and about a thousand existing playlists
  • Any of those users can log on with their existing email/password
  • Be sure to watch the Welcome to Spinitron v2 video
  • Use the issue tracker in Bitbucket to report bugs, give feedback, make suggestions etc. You don’t need a Bitbucket user account but we prefer if you do
  • We haven’t deployed auto-complete yet
  • Chat isn’t implemented
  • Use the new API to replace SpinPapi for web integration. Base URL http://spinitron.com/v2/api
  • We haven’t deployed the service for automation on raw TCP and UDP yet
  • Use POST in the same API for automation systems
  • Preliminary instructions for web integration
  • UI for metadata push is implemented but not actual push

Most important