We admit that the new graphic on this web site is “different” and perhaps unfashionable. What’s the story? Well, one upon a time there was a little cottage in the dark and dangerous forest known then as the world-wide web. If you are old enough to have been a Geocities user, you’ll know what I mean…

Spinitron always was, and remains today, a low-budget operation. We do not have an art department or web designers. We get by on our own and accept our limitations and consequent frumpy look. Nobody complained really hard about our lack of pizzaz.

The problems of making a nice web page in 2016 are different from 2003 but not really easier. And in any case, the question remains: What do we want it to look like?

The answers to that turned out to be largely negative. We don’t want it to look corporate, obviously. We don’t want stock-photos, which went out of fashion recently and got replaced by something even worse: photos of actual employees or clients. We don’t want that generic responsive look and we hate cutesy anthropomorphic animal mascots and that look and Bootstrap. And so on, and on…

Once we had by this means ruled out every known web site design it became necessary to say a few things about what we actually want.

  • Functional
  • Simple
  • Works on phones, desktops, and laptops
  • Says our name: Spinitron
  • Some art that we like that’s a but out of the ordinary

While we were ready to pay an artist to create something for us, we just had no idea how to hire an artist. Craigslist? And we also found that we had no idea how to specify what we want. As soon as we say “We need something for our web site,” that would send exactly the wrong signal, since 99% of web sites exemplify at least one of the many, many things we don’t like.

Then, one day, while browsing photos on Flickr, I happened upon the image we’re using here. It is from a hilarious 1922 book called “The Queen of Sheba, Her Life and Times” by Phinneas A. Crutch, B.A., M.A., F.P.A., S.O.S. The Internet Archive has scans of a copy from the Boston Pubic Library. It’s out of copyright so I did some quick cut-n-pasta to rearrange letters into our name and there it is! Our new identity on the web.

The picture seems like a nice fit for Spinitron so we’re giving it a try. It looks good on a mobile. Let us know what you think.