Using our new Spinitron v2 technology, we built a couple of fun public teaser pages that everyone can try out. The first of these is a live-updating recent spins listing.

For many years people have asked us if the recent spins on Spinitron’s front page update automatically. They ask the same about individual station’s current playlist page. This will certainly be in Spinitron v2 but we never implemented it in v1.

Well, now that a lot of v2 is working, we took time off to build a couple of features using v2 technology together with v1 data. One of these is the live-updating recent spins page. Check it out!

It’s not especially useful but it’s fun. It works well on a phone display. Bookmark it and put a link on your home page then check out what’s new any time. Each spin links through to the playlist that it belongs to.