Nov 17 2014 3:37pm The Robot
The very last you thing you hear on "Mellow Jazz Docent" is Stephen Malkmus saying "fucked." I know, it's like he was just trying to annoy us. You can get away with playing the song though if you cut it off right before he says that.It's hard to imagine that a band like Pavement will ever come around again. Good news! Pavement is coming around again. This, their first retrospective album, is a welcome accompaniment to their upcoming reunion tour. For the uninitiated, Pavement was a nineties lo-fi pop outfit that was largely the product of lead singer, guitarist, and song-writer Stephen Malkmus, the strangest soul to grace pop music since _Hunky Dory_ Bowie. Don't let the accepted tag of lo-fi turn you off, mainstreamer - Pavement's songs are some of the catchiest earworms you're likely to find. Just listen to "Cut Your Hair" and try not to hum the oooh-oooh's of the chorus for the rest of the day. "Spit On A Stranger" though slower than "Cut Your Hair" is another beginner-friendly track. For the newcomer unafraid to dive headfirst into the thick of Malkmusian oddities, any other track will do. This collection pulls pretty evenly from Pavement's five excellent albums, and though any fan will find a personal favorite missing, every fan will agree that the songs here are representative of the genius of Pavement. (I've recommended my personal favorite tracks, but in the event YOU become familiar with this album, its likely you'll have different favorites. Point is: It's all fantastic.) Digital Version Available