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American Anecdotes


Thu 6.00PM–8.00PM

Bluegrass, Old Time, Roots and Americana from the old school to the latest interpretations. American Anecdotes is the longest running program on KAOS, Olympia.

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2018 Jun 21st 6-8pm DJ Flash Playlist
14th 6-8pm Charles Playlist
7th 6-8pm Paul Playlist
May 31st 6-8pm DJ Flash Playlist
24th 6-8pm Maddie Playlist
10th 6-8pm Paul Playlist
3rd 6-8pm Paul Playlist
Apr 26th 6-8pm Maddie Playlist
19th 6-8pm Lumber Gnome Playlist
12th 6-8pm Charles Playlist
5th 6-8pm Paul Playlist
Mar 29th 6-8pm Lumber Gnome Playlist
22nd 6-8pm DJ Flash Playlist
15th 6-8pm Paul Playlist
8th 6-8pm Maddie Playlist
1st 6-8pm Ruby Ru Playlist
Feb 22nd 6-8pm Paul Playlist
15th 6-8pm Maddie Playlist
8th 6-8pm Charles Playlist
1st 6-8pm Paul Playlist
Jan 25th 6-8pm Lumber Gnome Playlist
18th 6-8pm Paul Playlist
11th 6-8pm Charles Playlist
4th 6-8pm Lumber Gnome Playlist