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Butte America Radio

Friday February 16th 2018

Time zone: mountain

12.00am The Nightshift (Eclectic) night watchman Playlist
7.00am Matt Boyle Radio Show (Eclectic) Fuzzliife Playlist
8.00am Steena Smiles (Eclectic) Juicy Peaches Playlist
10.00am Don In the Morning (Eclectic) Don & Becky in the Morning Playlist
12.00pm the clam show (Hard Rock) the clam Playlist
2.00pm Little Slice O' Heaven (Eclectic) CC Playlist
4.00pm Some Fill-In Whatnot (Eclectic) Grand Poo-Bah Playlist
6.00pm The Complex (Hard Rock) Duck Playlist
8.00pm Dewey (Eclectic) Boyd Playlist
10.00pm Beach Bears (Indie) Jello And Juggernauts Playlist