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Butte America Radio

Sunday February 18th 2018

Time zone: mountain

12.00am The Nightshift (Eclectic) night watchman Playlist
6.00am The Highways and the Hedges (Classical) Eliot Playlist
8.00am Spaced in Time (Rock) RockinRodney Playlist
10.00am Tofu Scramble (Eclectic) Alison Playlist
12.00pm A taste of Jazz (Jazz) Grand Poo-Bah Playlist
12.00pm Audio Therapy with Linz & Ana (Indie) Playlist
4.00pm Tastes Like Terrible (Eclectic) addy Playlist
6.00pm Sunday Smackdown (Talk) Daniel Playlist
8.00pm 2 Dolla Will (Rap/Hip-Hop) Will Osmun Playlist
10.00pm Blues with the Cap'n (Blues) krayc1 Playlist