88.7 FM KBVR Corvallis

DAM Good Radio

Thursday January 26th 2017

Time zone: pacific

12.00am I don't know what I'm playing but I'm playin' (Music) Mr.YoungTail Playlist
1.00am Snake Oil (Music) DJ Squibbs Playlist
8.00am Sun up Spins (Music) DJ Leafy Greens Playlist
11.00am LawnChair Vibes (Music) DJ Spike Playlist
2.00pm Pop Culture Paradise (Music) GriffiDPad Playlist
2.00pm Ava's Mix (Music) DJ Mother Nature Playlist
3.00pm Polar Amplification (Music) DJ Walrus Playlist
4.00pm Organized Chaos (Music) Sydney, Australia Playlist
4.00pm Perspectives (Music) DJ Wolfman Playlist
6.00pm Spousal Support (Music) DonJon DeMarco Playlist
7.00pm The Final Frontier (Music) Captain Jamie T. Kirk Playlist
8.00pm Bedlam Beats (Music) E-Kletic Playlist
9.00pm Office Hours (Music) Cisco Playlist
10.00pm 4th Floor Underground (Music) fastrak Playlist
11.00pm The Midnight Hour (Music) DJ Midnight Playlist