88.7 FM KBVR Corvallis

DAM Good Radio

Thursday May 24th 2018

Time zone: pacific

12.00am BOOSTO's POWER HOUR (Music) BOOSTO Playlist
1.00am Impromptu (Music) Mothra Playlist
8.00am Sinking City (Music) Lo-C Playlist
9.00am Sunrise Kingdom (Music) DJ Shakusky Playlist
10.00am Sedimentary Sessions (Music) DJ Boulder Playlist
11.00am Show without a name (Music) DJ Technical Difficulties Playlist
12.00pm Circuit Breaker (Music) DJ Palindrome Playlist
2.00pm Galactic Tide (Music) DJ Ganymede Playlist
3.00pm Bit talk (Music) GriffiDPad Playlist
4.00pm Polar Amplification (Music) DJ Walrus Playlist
6.00pm Fourth Floor Underground (Music) Mothra Playlist
7.00pm Good Music, but who's listening anyway? (Music) Just Matt Playlist
8.00pm Palm Thursday (Music) DJ Coconut Playlist
9.00pm the swamp (Music) Fox Mulder Playlist
11.00pm The God Hour (Music) DJ G Slim Playlist