KCPR Cal Poly Radio

Cal Poly Radio

Sunday June 3rd 2018

Time zone: pacific

12.00am KCPR 12am - 1am KCPR Playlist
1.00am KCPR 1am - 2am KCPR Playlist
2.00am KCPR 2am - 3am KCPR Playlist
3.00am KCPR 3am - 4am KCPR Playlist
4.00am KCPR 4am - 5am KCPR Playlist
5.00am KCPR 5am - 6am KCPR Playlist
8.00am The Breakfast Club (New Music) SAMO Playlist
10.00am The Breakfast Club (New Music) MC Quade Playlist
12.00pm Music for the Niches (New Music) DJ Smush Parker Playlist
1.20pm Al Dente's Takeover (Music,Special Format) Al Dente Playlist
6.00pm The Lounge (New Music) DJ Hoopla Playlist
6.00pm The Lounge (New Music) LeMiche Playlist
8.00pm The Lounge (New Music) Deskchair AKA Sorrymyhandsaresweaty Playlist