KCSB-FM 91.9

Community Service and Educational Broadcasting

Thursday December 22nd 2016

Time zone: pacific

12.00am Today's Active Lifestyles (Rock) SPENCER VH Playlist
2.00am Synthpoptarts (Electronic) Anthony S Playlist
4.00am Riddim Wise (Reggae) Anthony S Playlist
6.00am Inertia Musica (Eclectic) Jason Ace Gonzalez Playlist
10.00am Sonic Earscape (Classical) Jack Fischer Playlist
2.00pm The Experience With Rosalyn (Gospel) Sista ROZ Playlist
4.00pm L!VE IR!E (Reggae) Marley Jay Playlist
8.00pm The Transatlantic Phenomenon (World) Blanq Wahl Playlist
10.00pm 5...4...3...2...FUN!! (Rock) Hoshwa Playlist