KCSB-FM 91.9

Community Service and Educational Broadcasting

Thursday March 1st 2018

Time zone: pacific

1.30am fruitpunch (HipHop) bb v Playlist
4.00am A Blockwork Orange (Rock) The Rat Queen Playlist
6.00am Inertia Musica (Eclectic) Jason Ace Gonzalez Playlist
10.00am The Company of Lazarus (Eclectic) Guide Rolling-Crystal Kate Playlist
2.00pm Infinite Stream (Eclectic) SPENCER VH Playlist
4.00pm Edgy Teen Catharsis Hour (Eclectic) DJ Ed "The Edge" Gee Playlist
8.00pm The Transatlantic Phenomenon (World) Blanq Wahl Playlist
10.00pm Radio Xicana (Latin) CC Playlist