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Post Post (Classical)

With Will

Thu Feb 1st 2018 6.00pm–8.00pm

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6:00pm   MrMalcontent

Charlie and Schroeder are back!

6:08pm   Will (host)


6:10pm   MrMalcontent

Hello Sir

6:10pm   MrMalcontent

Excellent start!

6:16pm   Toilet Monster

Schroeder has gotten older and is a skatepunk. He now goes by the name Shredder

6:17pm   Will (host)

Shredo Corleone

6:17pm   MrMalcontent

oh no

6:18pm   MrMalcontent

oh. yes I guess.

6:19pm   dookie_cannon


6:21pm   Toilet Monster

Your bff ;-)

6:22pm   Will (host)

toilet monster and dookie cannon, you were rly made for each other

6:26pm   Toilet Monster

Just trying to class up the joint

6:27pm   serf

play 'Leaving the Park' off the Good Time Soundtrack by OneOhTrix Point Never.

6:28pm   Will (host)

i want that album but the label wont email me back! :(

6:29pm   Will (host)

i'll find some other opn

6:39pm   Toilet Monster

Toilet Monster is actually just a nickname that Mr Mal bestowed upon me....

6:40pm   Toilet Monster

My real name is Commode-O Dragon

6:43pm   Will (host)


6:43pm   MrMalcontent

What's all this now??

6:43pm   dookie_cannon

i like this song "surfacing" from DEPTHS. it reminds me of something 8-)

6:43pm   serf

Hugh Jass? is that you?

6:45pm   Toilet Monster

Say wut ?

6:54pm   ralphie

hi im ralphie im from a k3wL planet

6:54pm   ralphie

it is called uranus. - ralphie xD

6:55pm   Dani cast

I love your show it gets me through my 1hr n :30 min drive home, contemplating life. Keep up the feels

6:56pm   Will (host)

ralphie watch your language! what would snuffles say??

6:57pm   Will (host)

n thanks dani :3 glad you're diggin these feels

6:57pm   ralphie

snuffles told me to say it!!1!!!! i swear he told me he said say it so i said it

6:58pm   Snugs

Listening in New York City

6:58pm   Dani cast


6:58pm   serf

very Caretaker-esque...

6:58pm   Dani cast

Woops <3 *

7:00pm   MrMalcontent

keep inviting more people to the chat?? call out the lurkers!?

7:00pm   Toilet Monster

ralphie, this is a classy show. Scatological humor has no place here

7:02pm   serf

it's probably 1 person with dissociative identity disorder

7:03pm   ralphie


7:06pm   serf

@Will does the station have any Akira Rabelais?

7:07pm   Toilet Monster

Gomorrah the merrier, I always say

7:08pm   MrMalcontent

talk about how you're in the depths of despair because the chat has not reached capacity #EmoSad

7:10pm   RobertM

hey I saw something about lurkers and MrM and I booted up and logged on STAT.... ....yes we want eschatological references perhaps, but not "uranus/urectum" puns

7:10pm   Snugs

Madame Snugs reminded me your show was on. I try not to miss it!

7:11pm   RobertM

also: is this not a cover of the opening of a U2 song....or was U2 already ripping that off somebody to begin with??

7:12pm   Will (host)

yeah it sounds like city of blinding lights or something lol

7:12pm   RobertM

puns, huh?....alreet you asked for it: "You can tune a piano, but you can't tuna fish". ....it's funnier when you don't see it spelled out.. ..

7:12pm   MrMalcontent

I've been here before the classy riff•raff.

7:13pm   RobertM

it's sounded like the beginning of "Where the Streets Have no Name"....but that could be the same thing for all I know

7:13pm   RobertM

oh MrM was that a barb?...

7:14pm   RobertM

u know I love you inherently and want u to be deeply satisfied here. ...which you probably hate like the plague

7:14pm   Will (host)

@serf, it's a no for akira, sorry!

7:17pm   ralphie

it is i the Real* ryuichi sakamoto, pls play m.a.y. in the backyard and/or fullmoon. ty.

7:19pm   Will (host)

fullmoon comin up. i want that call me by your name soundtrack tho :3

7:21pm   RobertM

puns... ....did you know that Magellan circumcised the world with a 100-foot clipper?....is that any better?

7:22pm   RobertM

...true story...u can't really make this stuff up..... .ok maybe I can...after a few directional aids

7:23pm   Will (host)


7:23pm   MrMalcontent

just why

7:25pm   MrMalcontent

this track right now as fudge

7:32pm   RobertM

I stole that from a Rich Lederer book....purportedly some kid really wrote that on a paper...but it could well have been with intent...

7:34pm   RobertM

how about the term paper where the kid keeps confusing "burro" with "burrow" and at the end the Prof puts, "C+, and you don't know your *** from a hole in the ground"

7:34pm   RobertM

,,,sry....but it did use *

7:35pm   Will (host)

wow, you have to be bilingual to get that one

7:35pm   ralphie

in the fog II. ty

7:36pm   MrMalcontent

this chat tonight

7:36pm   Will (host)

ralphie as wild as it is, we dont have ravedeath 1972. sad!

7:39pm   RobertM

I forgot I grew up in LA...It didn't feel like bilingual to me because everybody around here speaks a little Spanish...

7:39pm   RobertM

even SNL used to do skits all in Spanish as if ppl must be able to pick up on it...

7:40pm   Will (host)

yeah im from ny, sort of a similar deal

7:41pm   serf

@RobertM where in Latin America did you grow up?

7:42pm   RobertM

hah right...or Louisiana, right?...I thought I sounded racist when I said that...I was going to backpedal so thx for backing me up

7:44pm   MrMalcontent

Imma sit out next week's chat. I'm not classy enough.

7:44pm   Will (host)

no pls return mr malc!

7:45pm   MrMalcontent

I'm not needed. I'll tune in fo sho tho. Never miss it.

7:47pm   MrMalcontent

Very nice tracks tonight! Hope to catch the rewind!

7:47pm   Will (host)

you're always appreciated here mr malc

7:48pm   ralphie

#3 aphex twin. - ralphie :P

7:48pm   RobertM

are you going to eat worms and die too? ...don't let me do this to you MrM!

7:48pm   Will (host)

oh that's such a goodie

7:48pm   RobertM

arright I stepped over the line...

7:51pm   MrMalcontent

Thanks Will! You're swell and aces!!

7:52pm   serf

this would probably sound great @ 45rpm-s

7:53pm   ralphie

MrMalc, pls return next week : )

7:54pm   serf

thanks for the musics Will !



Emilie Levienaise-Farrouch “Vestiges”
composed by Emilie Levienaise-Farrouch
from Like Water Through the Sand Digital Album (130701 2015)



Annea Lockwood “dusk”
composed by Annea Lockwood
from Ground of Being CD Album (Recital Program 2014)



Ian Hawgood & Giulio Aldinucci “The Wasted Consequence”
from Consequence Shadows Digital Album (Home Normal 2018) N



Laraaji “Sun Gong No.2”
composed by Laraaji
from Sun Gong LP Album (All Saints Records 2017)



Windy & Carl “Surfacing”
composed by Windy & Carl
from Depths CD Album (Kranky 1997)



Oneohtrix Point Never “Ouroboros”
from Returnal CD Album (Editions Mego 2010) R



Tom Rogerson with Brian Eno “An Iken Loop”
from Finding Shore Digital Album (Dead Oceans 2017) N



Tom Rogerson with Brian Eno “Idea of Order at Kyson Point”
from Finding Shore Digital Album (Dead Oceans 2017) N



Dominique Lawalrée “Please Do Not Disturb”
from First Meeting Digital Compilation (Catch Wave Ltd. / Ergot Records 2017)



Bing & Ruth “Form Takes”
from No Home of the Mind Digital Album (4AD 2016)



Eluvium “Ostinato”
from Copia CD Album (Love With Its Course 2007)



Ólafur Arnalds & Nils Frahm “Life story”
from Life Story / Love and Glory - Single Digital Single (Erased Tapes 2015)



Giovanni Fontana “Pomeridiana”
from Voooxing Poooêtre CD Compilation (Recital 2015)



Antonymes “Towards Tragedy and Dissolution”
from (For Now We See) Through a Glass Dimly Digital Album (Hidden Shoal 2015)



Botany “Ory (Joyous Toil)”
from Deepak Verbera Digital Album (Western Vinyl 2017)



Malibu “Held”
from Mono No Aware Digital Compilation (PAN 2017)



A Winged Victory For The Sullen “Steep Hills of Vicodin Tears”
from A Winged Victory for the Sullen Digital Album (Erased Tapes 2011)



Jon Hopkins “Abandon Window”
composed by Jon Hopkins
from Immunity CD Album (Domino Recording Company 2013)



Gregg Kowalsky “Blind Contour Drawing for Piano”
from L'Orange L'Orange Digital Album (Mexican Summer / MAGNIPH / Hostess 2017) L



Aphex Twin “#3”
from Selected Ambient Works Volume II CD Album (warner bros. 1994) R

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