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Prelude to the weekend (Classical)

With Ria

Fri Aug 10th 2018 4.00pm–6.00pm

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3:50pm   MrMalcontent

Live show! Let's go!!

4:02pm   MrMalcontent

Hi DJ Ria!

4:03pm   Ria (host)

Hello Mr Malcontent! Trust you've been doing well?

4:09pm   MrMalcontent

Eh, good enough. Thank you. How have you been doing, Our Absolutely Favorite DJ Ria?!?

4:11pm   Ria (host)

Haha thank you :) I've had a bit of a crazy week, so I'm still recuperating :)

4:13pm   MrMalcontent

Uh oh. Good crazy or mental hospital crazy?? If the second one, Me Too!!

4:16pm   Ria (host)

Not quite mental hospital, but maybe psychiatrist?? Definitely not the good kind of crazy haha, more stress than anything

4:17pm   Ria (host)

I needed a bit of famous comforting symphonies to cheer all of us up, hence the theme today!!

4:21pm   MrMalcontent

Oh. Darn it. That's too bad. "This too shall pass" "you are strong enough to handle it" and "take a break for classical music"!!! I hope things will soon be less stressful for you! If you need mental health help, get it and be proud!

4:28pm   MrMalcontent

Mental health care should only have positive praise. Maybe one day society will be smart and caring and not dumb and nasty. I can dream, can't I?!?

4:31pm   MrMalcontent

Excellent theme! Brilliant music!

4:33pm   Ria (host)

Thankfully, it wasn't all that bad, just a minor fire in the house, and I've spent the last 2 days de-smoking things. Enough to put anyone off barbeque :D

4:34pm   Ria (host)

Although, I agree with your statements about mental health, the mind should be taken care of as much as the body is.

4:35pm   MrMalcontent


4:36pm   MrMalcontent

Great now I want BBQ.

4:37pm   MrMalcontent

I hope everyone is safe and sound.

4:39pm   Ria (host)

Yes, thanks. Smoke alarms did their jobs well.

4:45pm   Ria (host)

"Great now I want BBQ." LOL.

4:46pm   MrMalcontent

I hope one day I get the mental health care I obviously desperately need.

4:50pm   MrMalcontent


4:57pm   DanS

Hey, you kooky kids! What's up?

4:58pm   DanS

I don't know if listening to classical music actually makes you smarter but it always makes me feel smarter.

4:59pm   MrMalcontent

Just settin fires and lookin for my last marble. How'S DanS?!?

5:00pm   DanS

As the Bee Gees would say, I'm stayin' alive.

5:05pm   MrMalcontent

That's a really important piece of music DanS

5:06pm   MrMalcontent


5:08pm   DanS

Wow! I can't wait to hear this.

5:08pm   Ria (host)

Symphonies with themes?? Berlioz had to feature as STAR.

5:31pm   MrMalcontent

Nicely done, DJ Ria!

5:33pm   DanS

Since I know nothing about classical music, it's nice to hear the description of what the composer is trying to achieve in the composition.

5:36pm   Ria (host)

Yeah, I find it gives you a starting point from where to experience what the composer intended.

5:36pm   Ria (host)

Thanks, Mr Malcontent!

5:53pm   MrMalcontent

All the thanks goes to you DJ RIA!!

5:55pm   DanS

Thanks for the music, DJ Ria. All the best to you. Don't go changin', MrM!

5:55pm   MrMalcontent

DanS, Stay Golden!!

5:56pm   MrMalcontent

DJ Ria, more Symphonie Fantastique next week! Many thanks and kind regards to you!!

5:58pm   MrMalcontent

This part plays every time I walk anywhere. I might need an exorcism too.



Chicago Symphony Orchestra, Georg Solti “Symphony No. 5”
composed by Ludwig von Beethoven
from Beethoven: The nine symphonies CD Album (Decca Records 1989)



The London Classical Players, Roger Norrington “Symphonie Fantastique”
composed by Hector Berlioz
from Berlioz: Symphonie fantastique CD Album (EMI Digital 1989)

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