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Disk Comp Year Label

13 hippies

40 Years I'm From Delaware

91.3 The Voice



All Our DJ'S Have Mustaches

All Summer Long ID

Amy Winehouse ID - Raven Keene

Anywhere in England

April Verch ID

Art Neville

Awesome Legal ID - Ben Haley

Bear - Bill Chambless

Becky Buller (15 Sec)

Becky Buller (25 sec)

Ben Lee ID

Best Radio ID - Rick Lewis

Bettie Serveert

Bill Bradley (Senator)

Bob and Sarah Amos ID

Bully Ray from Impact Wrestling

Campus Breakout

Can't Turn Back - David Aeron M

Carol Nicholls URL

Casey Hanner from Donora

Celia Woodsmith Della Mae ID

Chad Taylor From Live

Charlie Gracie

Cheech and Chong

Chelsea Bordeaux Students

Chris Stuart and Janet Beazley

Commercial Free

Cops ID - Gary Dunham

Cordaline ID

Courtney Granger (English)

Courtney Granger (Fr.) Legal ID

Craig Bickhardt

Cub Scout Pack 601

Cub Scouts

Dad's ID

Dan and Ryan Paiseley ID

Darren Wright-Over 4 Decades ID

David Sedaris ID

DavidBrombergNo Idea Who You Are

Dean Rosato Scruffo Radio ID

Della Mae

Della Mae Loves Delaware

Doctimus Prime + Free Bird ID

Doctimus Prime Fellow Weirdos ID

Doctimus Prime-Gary Stormtrooper

Doctimus Prime-Gary vs. Zombies

Don't Touch That Dial!

Donna Ulisse ID

Dr. Carlton Cannon

Dr. Dog


Erika 4 WVUD (Kid)

Even Steven & Brian Lee


Everything Everyday

Expect the Unexpected

Fillo Eagles Journey Vi Di

Fillo Jai Ho Vi Di

Fillo O Saia Vi Di

FIllo Short I'll FIt

Fillo Short My Dear

Fillo Tango Vi Di

For Against ID

Fresh Baked - Joe Madonna

Gabby 4 WVUD (Kid)

Gabriel Prokofiev

Gary Dunham

Gary Irving

Geoff Tate from Queensryche

George Porter

George Weedmoser

Girl Scouts 509/709

Glenn Morshower

Green to Think-Newark NOT Newerk

Guster ID

Hang Em' High DE - Gary Dunham


Hey It's Limbeck

House of Fools ID

I Love WVUD - Bill Chambless



If You Don't Dig - Mack Thomas

Incredible Moses Leroy

James Anthony Lee (It's Crazy)

Jan & Billy are Dead

Jane Siberry Legal ID

Jane Siberry MOTW ID

Java Time

Jayne Ooh Baby - Mack Thomas

Jealousy Curve ID

Jimi Hendrix ID

Joe Newberry

Joey Barnes ID

Jogging - Gary Dunham

John Blake ID

John Fay of Ike

John Faye

John Ralston ID

Kadria Radio ID


Kaitlyn Sweeny ID

KDKA Election - Bill Chambless

Kellie Allen Orpheus ID

Ken Galvin ID

Kenan Thompson ID

Kenny and Amanda Smith Legal ID

Kenny White ID

Kids at the Garage

Kids for WVUD

Kids ID

Killer Bees - Brendan

Kim Waters


Lance Bass ID

Legal ID - Mack Thomas

Legal ID from the Kremlin

Leigh Gibson

Let's Have a Party - Mack Thomas

Lights Out - YChromes

Listen to It! - Limbeck

Logan 4 WVUD (Kid)

Look, Ma! No Commercials

Lou Donaldson

Lower Case Blues ID

Lower Case Blues Long ID

Luka Bloom

Mae (Jacob)

Mae (Rob)

Main St. Newark - Gary Dunham

March of Time - Bill Chambless

Martin Ingelsby

Matt and Kim ID

Matt Pond PA

Mel Burnham ID

Metrosexuals: Charlie

Metrosexuals: Jeremy

Metrosexuals: Martin West

Michele and Braunte

Minus the Bear

Mission Impossible - Gary Dunham

Monastery - Gary Dunham

Monkeys - Bill Chambless

Mr. Rogers Neighbor-Gary Dunham

Mr. T ID

Music Room

Mya 4 WVUD (Kid)

Nancy Josephson Angel Band ID

New It's Crazy Man

Night Hawks - Bill Chambless

No Age

No Commercials - Bill Chambless

No Static WVUD-Gary Dunham

Off The Charts ID - Rick Lewis

Oh What A Udful Day-Gary Irving

Oh Yeah - Rob Bies

One AM Radio ID

One AM Radio WVUD ID

Only Station - Rick Lewis

Pack 1777

Party Like a Rock Star ID-Don K

Pat Dailey Deputy Attorney Gen.

Paul Jackson

Paul Jackson (Funky Good Time)


Popeye - Gary Dunham

Quebe Sisters ID

Radio Nights - Bill Chambless

Radio So Cool - Joe Madonna

Ray Abshire Legal ID

Ray Crick ID

Ray Crick-Station that Remembers

Rev Run


Rick Lewis ID

Rick Lewis Station ID

Roger Williams/Amy Gallatin

Rooster - Bill Chambless

SB Woo

Sesame St. Grover-Gary Dunham


Sherry Winston

Slow ID - Paul T


Snowden Cutting Edge ID

Snowden WVUD ID

Soft Jazz ID with Madinah

Something Different


Sparkling Crystals-Joe Madonna

Stabbing ID - David Aeron M

Steve Kramarck General ID

Stoogies ID - Gary Dunham

Summer ID - Gary Dunham

Suzanne Vega

Swarm Band ID

Synth - Brian Lee

Tagging Satellites

Tagging Satellites Cutting Edge

Talk and Sports - Rick Lewis

Tasteless Thanks - David Aeron M

Tell Em Who We Are

The Format

The Home of Country Music

The Killers ID

The Music Room

The Walkmen ID

Three Stooges

Tired of Commercials?

Tom from Kasabian

Tony Williams


Veneisa ID

Voice of UD - Joe Madonna

Voice of UD II - Joe Madonna

Walt Koken ID

Walter Winchell

Warm Guns

Whale - Bill Chambless

Will Rogers - Bill Chambless

Wump ID - Paul T





WVUD Legal IDs

WVUD Promos

Your Friend - Gary Dunham

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