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Fri 1.00PM–3.00PM

Hello friends and family... Well, I’ll be dipped! It’s been 500 LIVE Eclecti-Celt broadcasts this week. Time does fly when you’re having fun. It never ceases to amaze me that with the hours and hours and gigabytes of incredible Celtic music that has gone out over the airwaves of KBRP--Bisbee's valiant Radio for the People--during virtually every show, I’ve managed to botch at least some required technical and/or aesthetic nuance. I have to tell you though: bringing this radio programme to you is one of the very funnest things I do, or have ever done. Thank you all for for your forbearance; and for enjoying this programme. This week, Number 500, features just a wee slice of favorite tunes and songs that have graced Eclecti-Celt, for example: Kíla, Alan Stivell, Led Zeppelin, Whalebone, Susan McKeown, Gwilym Morus, and many more. Here’s to 500 more to come! Humbly, happily, heartily...SLÁINTE! Mahoney

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