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Mon Jun 9th 2014 11.00am–12.00pm

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N/A “N/A” MP3 Other (n/a 2017) —Today's show pays tribute to cult-classic 1974 musical by filmmaker Brian DePalma. I open the show with "PHANTOM OF THE PARADISE (1975) - Trailer": youtu.be/CT2teYb5CUU


Scissor Sisters “Almost Sorry”
from Ta-Dah [Deluxe Edition, Extra Tracks] MP3 Album (UMVD Labels 2006) —This track was co-written by the flamboyant pop group SS & actor/songwriter Paul Williams, who composed the music & stars in PHANTOM OF THE PARADISE, playing a Phil Spector-like rock impresario. Music bed for voiceover intro.


The Juicy Fruits “Goodbye, Eddie, Goodbye”
from Phantom Of The Paradise - Original Soundtrack Recording MP3 Album (A&M Records 1974) —Import CD here features the musical's opening #. The JFs are played by Archie Hahn, Jeffrey Comanor, & Peter Elbling (aka "Harold Oblong"), & return in the film as The Beach Bums and The Undeads. Notice the lyrics' tale of a "rock'n'roll suicide."


Sébastien Tellier “Divine”
from Sexuality MP3 Album (MRI / The Orchard 2008) —PHANTOM appears to have gained its greatest recognition in France (as this song attests to), & Canada, where the film ran for 4 mos. in Winnipeg. S. Tellier describes this as "my tribute to the Beach Boys & the Juicy Fruits" (fr/PHANTOM).


Bill Finley “Faust”
from Phantom Of The Paradise - Original Soundtrack Recording MP3 Album (A&M Records 1974) —William Finley distinguished himself in 2 DePalma films, SISTERS ('73), & as the titular PHANTOM. He died in '12 (age 71). There are 2 versions of this "stolen" song in DePalma's reimagining of PHANTOM OF THE OPERA, set in the world of rock music.


William Finley “Never Thought I'd Get to Meet the Devil”
from N/A MP3 Other (n/a 2015) —Unreleased bootleg cue from PHANTOM OF THE PARADISE.


Brillig “Phantom's Theme”
composed by Paul Williams
from Gothic Culture Vol. 7 - 20 Darkwave & Industrial Tracks MP3 Comp (Hurt Recordings 2010) —Cover of a centerpiece track from PHANTOM OF THE PARADISE.


SPECTRA*paris “Phantom's Theme”
from License To Kill (Out of Line Music 2012) —This goth-electro cover of Paul Williams' "Theme" provides a music bed for voiceover commentary.


Alice Cooper “I Love the Dead”
from Billion Dollar Babies MP3 Album (Rhino/Warner Bros. 2001) —Alice Cooper is a "shock-rock" icon from Detroit/Arizona. This 1973 classic evokes for me Gerrit Graham's PHANTOM character, "Beef."


Faith and the Muse “Old Souls”
from Evidence of Heaven MP3 Album (Metropolis Records 1999) —This LA darkwave band covers a song originally performed by PHANTOM's female lead Jessica Harper ("Phoenix").


Suzan Wood-Young “Old Souls”
from Between Love and Fascination MP3 Album (Indie Pool Canada Inc. 2005) —Another take on the previous song, with vocals more in the foreground.


Richard O'Brien, Jessica Harper, Patricia Quinn & Barry Humphries “Little Black Dress”
from Shock Treatment - Original Soundtrack MP3 Album (Ode Sounds & Visuals 2013) —This is the extended "Needle N Thread Mix" courtesy "DoRight Productions." PHANTOM's female lead Jessica Harper (also SUSPIRIA's star) replaced Susan Sarandon as Janet in this 1981 ROCKY HORROR sequel.


Paul Williams “The Hell of It”
from Phantom Of The Paradise - Original Soundtrack Recording MP3 Album (A&M Records 1974) —Paul Williams' closing credits finale to PHANTOM OF THE PARADISE.


N/A “N/A” MP3 Other (n/a 2017) —Phantom Of The Paradise Trailer (1974)


Phoenix “Funky Squaredance”
composed by Thomas Mars, Deck d'Arcy, Laurent Brancowitz, Christian Mazzalai, Thomas Hedlund & Jonathan Chavez
from United MP3 Album (Astralwerks www.astralwerks.com 2000) —W/ties to Daft Punk, a band even more clearly obsessed w/PHANTOM & Paul Williams, Phoenix samples Williams' "The Hell of It" & also seems to reference Jessica Harper's "Phoenix" character w/their band name.


Daft Punk “Touch (feat. Paul Williams)”
from Random Access Memories CD Album (Columbia 2013) —Not only does Daft Punk allude to PHANTOM OF THE PARADISE with their costuming (leather garments & metallic helmets), they also brought its star & composer Paul Wlliams on stage w/them to claim their Grammy! ¡Viva Paul Williams & DePalma's PHANTOM!

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